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According to an ABC News survey, 30% of single men above the age of 30 have paid for sex.And yet this sort of thing is distasteful to us now.

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Perhaps the largest difference is that in Japan, there is necessarily a certain tension: whether drinking with a man at a host club, or going to karaoke with a high school girl, the client knows they are paying for the illusion of good times with the opposite gender.

In Jessica Sporty’s outings, only one side is aware that it’s all a show.

Others offer to sell intimate photos and videos to clients, as well as their used underwear.

More on MSN News: Being a woman in India India is a country of tremendous diversity.

Ten local women, aged 20 to 40, were arrested last week in an anti-vice operation for working as “part-time girlfriends” — a form of “compensated dating” or paid companionship that is popular in Hong Kong.

During a press conference today, Mong Kok District’s Acting Chief Inspector Lau Hon-kwan said the women were arrested as part of a joint anti-vice operation (code name “Skyriver”) by the district’s crime unit and Special Duties Squad on Saturday (June 17).It is enough to shut up anyone trying to molest me or even pass a comment if I flaunt my gun." Simrat, 24, who works for a non-profit arts organisation, travels in the women's compartment of a metro in New Delhi."I made the decision to use public transport as my primary way of moving through the city because I really believe that it is my right to be able to use public space, just as much as it is of any man's," she said.Posts within the hashtag are split between those advertising and those seeking part-time girlfriends.While some women specify that they will not “ML” (make love), multiple girls under the age of 18 explicitly offered sex on their ads, as well as a price list for other “dating services” (going out to the cinema, going out for meals, singing karaoke), and a monthly “plan” for all of the above.Naturally, a “reverse” version exists as well: in The Great Happiness Space, a male host at an Osaka club describes the emotional toll of having sex with several paying women each week.