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And I sat in his living room, which was filled with saddles.

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Finn told an interviewer in 2012: "Artistically, I have always been really interested in the hangover; not just the celebration and the confetti but also the puke in the gutter." with Uncut Magazine describing his style as "narratives driven less by the wordy exposition of yore than acute observation, devastating detail, by turns exclamatory, epigrammatic and grainily authentic." He's also a big fan of Rick Danko of The Band.

In an interview with GQ, Finn discussed his love for Danko: "People roll their eyes about his solo records, but I'm just happy to have more songs that I can listen to him sing; his voice is incredible... As he told the same newspaper: "The music meanders, and Morrison was more like a drunk asshole than an intelligent poet.

Projectile known as The Brokerdealer, a techno styled group.

They released two unnamed EPs on This website has shut down, but the songs are still floating around the Internet.

Not much is known about Spencer beside the fact that he’s a big music fan (The Cure and Morrisey in particular), but he’s reportedly helped Stephen find happiness again, so one can only suppose that that’s a good thing.

There was a part on Broadway..still hurts to talk about it. I would listen to him sing the phone book." He found The Doors' L. The worst of the worst is the last song, Riders on the Storm: 'There's a killer on the road/ His brain is squirming like a toad' - that's surely the worst line in rock'n'roll history., we can live vicariously through their relationships.In December, 2016, Finn released "Preludes", the first single from his next album, titled We All Want the Same Things, which was released on Partisan Records March 24, 2017.Finn is most notable for his third-person narrative lyrical style, wherein he frequently makes reference to literature, pop culture, adolescence, partying, religion and drugs.To that end we bring you this updated compendium of gay celebrity boyfriends!