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In this guide, you’ll learn what PCI DSS is, how to achieve it for your business and how your ecommerce backend plays a large role in your required effort.

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Dealing with a compromise is a time-consuming hassle from a consumer’s perspective; particularly because many of us maintain large numbers of (supposedly secure) personal online profiles that afford us a convenient way to deal with recurring monthly or annual payments.How can we be sure that these online service providers, who so readily accept and retain our credit card information, are taking the appropriate measures to secure it?This is the purpose of PCI DSS –– and every retailer is required to comply.Depending on the ecommerce technology and backend a retailer uses, and how their payment systems are architected, PCI compliant hosting can be an easy check on a long list of things retailers need to do to ensure their customers are transacting securely, or it can be a big pain –– costing ample time, resources and money.It’s not just smaller organizations that can have deplorable standards for data security.

In 2005, Wal-Mart had a serious security breach targeting their point-of-sale systems.

It was established by the payment card industry to ensure that online merchants meet a set of strict standards.

PCI DSS compliance is mandatory for businesses that process online payments.

You can use their list or download a free home inspection checklist of your own.

Be sure the check list you use includes the following items: Your checklist is your way to tell your builder what you think needs to be completed on your new home in order to be the home that you purchased.

The city inspectors do not inspect for cosmetic flaws nor do they inspect for functional issues such as a leaky faucet or scratched floor.