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I only come home during the holidays, so at first both me and my girlfriend were super horny for each other. " Although secretly the thought of being fucked did excite me, I wasn't going to act upon it. It's just another way of having sex, straight guys have prostates too and I've heard it feels amazing for you. She said she would buy all the equipment and we would try it the next day.We'd have sex all the time but after a while we both got a bit bored of normal sex. Just try it for me, please." I didn't really know why I was resisting. The next day she came over to mine as usual after work, and greeted me with a big smile as I opened the door.It was about a week into term, and he asked me what the kinkiest thing I'd ever done was. He gave me a knowing smile, before saying "come on, tell me".

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone" he assured me, as if he read my mind. I slowly moved my lips up his penis, which was about 7 inches long, until I reached the head.It had a small drop of pre-cum on the tip which I licked off.I started to stroke my penis, with my other hand casually toying with my anus. " I exclaimed, but he only moved closer and lifted my face towards his penis.I lost myself in the memory of the orgasm, remembering the feeling of being fucked and the pleasure of the dildo hitting my prostate. He took me not recoiling as encouragement and putting his hand on the back on my head pulled my lips onto his now hard dick. I had always wanted to suck a dick, but I couldn't let anyone know that.*** I was lying in bed one night, just chatting with my roommate josh. He was slightly bigger than me, but that wasn't hard given how skinny I am.

He had never had a girlfriend and wasn't very experienced, so used to ask me advice on girls.

She seemed to notice that I wasn't that keen on it, partly because I had been wanking over gay porn behind her back. We went upstairs to my room and as she showed me all the equipment I immediately became hard, while trying to hide it and act unsure. We started with the normal foreplay, kissing and undressing eachother.

She therefore thought it would be a good idea that we try something new. " I asked her, not really sure where this was leading. But when we were both naked, she suddenly stood up and said "now turn over" in a commanding voice.

Each time she trusted inside of me my fully erect dick would do a little jump.

After a couple of minutes in the missionary position I started to feel something building inside me.

After a few minutes she stopped, and without saying anything put on the strap on and started to lube it up.