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They were from quite a religious Muslim family, I think,” Ronson says.

I mean, that’s the analogy.” At a certain point, analogies fail, but the point is, one of the world’s biggest industries is currently controlled by one of the world’s biggest monopolies.

Cognitive dissonance aside, hopefully you’re already beginning to see the parallels between this story and the larger economy.

“It’s like Walmart coming into a town, and Walmart customers would steal groceries from the shelves of the Mom and Pop companies, and then Walmart would then buy up the mom and pop companies at cut-price.

They were desperate to sell because all their stuff had been stolen and shoved on the shelves at Walmart.

All the films have to be called things like ‘Stepdaughter Cheerleader Orgy,’ because they have to pile as many searchable terms into their titles.

And then that has an impact not only the titles but the films themselves.Everyone had to shut off their computers if their parents ever came to visit.” That wasn’t the only reason.Brazzers initially downplayed their association with Porn Hub, which had quickly come to be hated by people in the adult industry for hosting pirated content. If that sounds like an exaggeration, consider that in a country with 300 million people, Porn Hub’s network (more on that in a second) receives 280 million impressions a day.Despite this, paradoxically, and despite its occasional flirtations with the mainstream (Sasha Grey, James Deen), the prospect of porn ever going mainstream like people assumed it would in the ’70s (see: , Ronson turns that same keen eye on the porn world. Specifically, Ronson examines how a key event — in this case the advent of free porn, in the form of Porn Hub and the other tube sites — has had ripple effects that changed not only the porn industry but almost every facet of society.And that all goes back to a tech nerd from Brussels named Fabian Thylmann.