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The brain-case is box-like, with the corners rounded off; the occiput extends up vertically ; the frontal ridge is prominent ; the cerebral vault is pyramidal ; the interparietal diameter is great ; the superciliary ridges and zygomatic arches sweep out beyond the general line of the skull ; the orbits are quadrangular ; the forehead is low ; the cheek-bones high; and the jaws prognathous. He repels all efibrts to raise him from his degraded position; and whilst he has not the moral nature to adopt the virtues of civili'zation, his brutal instincts lead him to welcome its vices. — If the hair and scalp were 13 3 •3 % .3 removed, the circumference would £ g O^ *J be reduced from one to one and o 3 •n 01 a g one-half inches. o o g § S ° u u •i-o o o O O Ch White Soldiers 22.13 11.31 13.31 11.82 14.48 Iroquois 22.48 12.08 13.71 11.58 14.45 Mulattoes 22.00 12.34 14.11 12.24 13.55 Negroes 21.91 10.98 13.95 11.55 14.40 In the following table, while giving the measurements of English and Australian skulls, as well as of those known as the Eiigis and Neanderthal skulls belonging to a pre-historic race, I also append, for the purpose of comparison, the measurements of the true mound-builders' skulls described in this paper : — Table of Measurements.

The anterior lobe is small, the middle lobe is large, and the central convolutions on the anterior lobe and upper surface are small. since first known to the white man, has been signalized by treachery and cruelty.

Hilgard 208 5 On the Difference between the Animal (Sensual) and the Human (Indagative) Intellect.

On Certain Peculiarities in the Crania of the Mound-Builders.


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This form, then, pertained to the most exalted personages. § These authorities would indicate that there was a conformity in the craniology of the earlier races on this hemisphere, embracing the primeval people of Brazil, the Huanchas of Peru, the Plat- form-builders of Mexico, and the Mound-builders of the Mississippi Valley. t Ilotzius, In relation to the Form of the Human Skull, passim.

These artists would not select the most holy of places as the groundwork for their caricatures. acquired conditions of body, whether produced by ai't or accident, end with the life of the individual." Darwin would probably account for this peculiarity on the ground of Sexual Selection. For the compilation of many of these authorities, I am indebted to Mr.

Bonpland and myself, of which several were deposited in the Museum of Natural History of Paris. Pentland supposed this conformation to be congenital, and states that this view was confirmed by Cuvier, Gall, and many celebrated anatomists.

Humboldt and Bonpland were the first to draw attention to this remarkable configuration of skul L The former, as far back as 1808, thus stated:— This extraordinary flatness is found among nations to whom the means of producing artificial deformity are totally unknown ; as is proved by the crania of Mexican Indians, Peruvians, and Atures, brought over by M. The Peruvian skull, as compared with the Indian, is deficient in capacity, being, according to Morton, no greater than that of the * Journal Royal Geographical Society, xt.

On Zonochlorite, a New Hydrous Silicate from Neepigon Bay, North Shore of Lake Superior, B.