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Tim couldn't resist tinkering with the speed controls and towards the end of the session his wife was spending almost a minute beneath the chilled water.

That also gave him and his mother-in-law lots of time to drub her big tits, soft belly and raw cunt with the hose and his heavy belt, the one with the cowboy buckle that really bit into Jill's tender twat and sore tits.

Nana clapped her hands and shouted, " Good one Tim!

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Even I know that it's not her fault." " Tell that to Nana, she's really pissed off, if you'll pardon the pun." his son answered. " Nana stopped in mid-swing and looked over to Tim. How do you expect to get any oomph into those blows when you just stand there flat-footed and whack away at her like that.

Tim grunted for a few seconds before heading for the special torture chamber he had built as a gift for his mother-in-law. As she did, Jill, naked and securely chained to the water wheel that Tim had recently constructed, began another journey through the icy waters contained within the custom-made tub. " Before Jill resurfaced, Tim had taken the length of rubber hose from his mother-in-law, stepped back and prepared to demonstrate the proper way to lay into his helpless wife.

The waistband was under siege and a few additional pounds had breached the top of her briefs.

The fruit of her loins surfaced, sputtering and choking on all the water she'd taken in during her submersion. " No, I finally took that damned piece of pipe out of her pisshole.

" Let's work up an appetite for dinner." He whispered.

Nana sighed and stretched, her stomach coated with the last offering from Tim.This is the frames version of the list of Prolific Net Authors. Synopsis: In this sequel to "Jill's Wild Weekend", Tim has a parting of the ways with those family members responsible for mistreating his soon to be ex-wife. " Look, I'm the one that owns her, and yet I'm the one that gets to use her the least.Nana suggested they adjourn to the bedroom and test the fresh sheets that had replaced the ones Jill had soiled.Nana had made sure that Jill sucked every drop of piss from both the old sheets and the mattress before taking her downstairs for punishment." Tim, go downstairs and get Jill so she can clean me before dinner." Her son-in-law came out and mimicked her voice, saying " Tim, put out the garbage. " Nana giggled at his impish face and said softly, " Tim, you are absolutely just what the doctor ordered for this old gal." He bowed and gave her a wicked grin. Was he on the damned phone making a date to screw one of those coeds that Jill used to take classes with? In your case it's young pussy, in my case it's young cock! " Tim bowed once again and replied, " Touch, now let's eat, I'm hungry and I'll need my strength to properly take care of this mature fuck maniac that I'm currently sleeping with." Jill, arms secured to her sides by a special Velcro harness, another little invention of her soon to be ex-husband, licked Tim's balls until they glistened.