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Each Bookworm recommended five food-related non-cookbooks to add to our collective library. More or less alphabetically, here's the entire list for 2007 (books mentioned more than...

On this list you'll find Michael Pollan and Julia Child, of course. Calvin Trillin, Nigel Slater, Lewis Carroll, MFK Fisher, Kermit Lynch, Dr.

That’s right – reading can make you sexier in ways you probably never even expected. If you love to read, you probably have a pretty good imagination.

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I try not to judge a book by its cover—except when it comes to a potential mate’s taste in books.

I definitely weed people out based on their bookshelves or lack thereof. That’s why I’m excited about a new online dating site, Alikewise, where you can choose your dates based on their taste in books. You can skip that awkward moment where you sniff out each other’s book persona and get straight to the part where you geek out over your love for Ayn Rand.

If you bring someone home and they go straight to your bookshelf, they’re probably a keeper. She’s so brilliant, caring, thoughtful, capable, and sexy. Your favorite books instantly bond you with friends AND dates.

You can tell a lot about a person by what books they have. Your favorite characters help inform the qualities you look for in a real life partner. On the bus, in the bar, at a dinner party – anywhere you go, you’ll find literature lovers and have hours and hours of things to talk about, which may result in a new friendship, a new relationship, or just a good lay.

Bookworm is a popular generalization for any insect that supposedly bores through books. Two moths, the common clothes moth and the brown house moth, will attack cloth bindings.

Leather-bound books attract various beetles, such as the larder beetle and the larva of the black carpet beetle and Stegobium paniceum.I like to write about queerness, poly-amorousness, and mindfulness.I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift, home repair, and drinking tea all day every day.You could be emotionally independent/damaged like Katniss Everdeen or have the blunt, gets-what-she-wants approach of Beebo Baker.Laura Burns I’m a writer, educator, and traveler based in New Orleans.These are tiny (under 1 mm), soft-bodied wingless Psocopterans (usually Trogium pulsatorium), which actually feed on microscopic molds and other organic matter found in ill-maintained works (e.g., cool, damp, dark, and undisturbed areas of archives, libraries, and museums), although they will also attack bindings and other book parts. By the twentieth century, modern bookbinding materials thwarted much of the damage done to books by various types of book-boring insects.