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She lost the support of some of her church fans, now and then, when she performed in secular venues as well, as when she recorded songs not recognized as 'Christian'.I got myself into the Teen Missions mess in the first place.

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I can do the same [i.e., turn his back on God].”Based on this explanation for deconversion, Christians pastors and other leaders would do well to teach periodically on how to handle disappointment with God.have singers and writers who brought peace to those in a time of depression and hopelessness.The second, which I elaborate here, regards a failed relationship with God. They too sought God’s help, but when they did not receive it, they simply concluded that God did not exist. Almost half (22 of 50) of the writers expressed sentiments that in some way God had failed them by His not doing what they thought He should. A former member of an Assemblies of God church explicitly linked unanswered prayers and the existence of God: “How many humble and totally selfless prayers offered up to and ignored by the imaginary skydaddy does it take for the average person to finally throw in the towel and say [God doesn’t exist]!!!! By the time I knew I was in trouble I was already in too deep, because, like a real missionary, I had to raise my own support.

In exchange for donations I handed out prayer cards to sweet old ladies at church, my parent’s friends, my grandparents, aunts and uncles. In a study of religious deconversion, we analyzed 50 on-line testimonies posted by former Christians, and in these testimonies we found four general explanations for deconversion. In particular, • Why does God sometimes not answer prayer? We noticed that much of the frustration vented toward God in these testimonials regarded events that occurred in childhood and adolescence.The first explanation, which I wrote about last week, regarded intellectual and theological concerns about the Christian faith. I want his too.”Other writers took a different approach to God’s failures. This suggests that addressing issues of disappointment with God is particularly important to do with young people.My mother stood over me at our kitchen table and yelled while I choked down my collard greens, then gave me her disappointed look when I puked them back up on my plate. Over breakfast we met our team leaders, students at the TMI Bible School who were forced to lead our team as part of their education.That morning at boot camp they slapped pancakes on our plates, which seemed simple enough, a meal even I could deal with. Miss Dotty was one leader who was not happy about this.We were each issued a water bottle, a divided plate, a set of silverware and a cup.