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*Part three of Wonderland* **MUST READ IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU AND BUBBLE WRAP MY HEART TO GET TO THIS POINT** When everything seems to be going wrong, it's hard to keep track on what is important in life. Trying to fix himself, trying to move on, but he just can't because Frank. When his job ensnares him in the glamorous world of the rich and the infamous, it’s not long before their paths cross and Frank starts living his dark fantasies though Gerard – but only for a price. Pete typically considers himself a very put-together guy. Between his adoptive parents and the kids at school, Frank is depressed all the time.

Frank is desperate for Gerard to believe him, but after what he saw, he doubts that Gerard will ever believe him. Deal with their own nightmares, overcome their own struggles. “It’s just for a week, Gee,” Frank laughs when they’re seeing him off at the airport. I’m gonna be back in a week.” “I know,” Gerard says. Gerard Way is a man bordering on desperation – whoring himself out to wealthy men in an attempt to support himself and his best friend’s worsening drug habit.

These actions, opinions and thoughts are not a reflection of mine nor those mentioned in the story irl.

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I like the idea of any artist trying to escape the trajectory of a successful career. Continuing her Christmas celebration which included sleigh rides, skiing and getting cozy next to the fireplace, Carey put on her cowboy hat and let loose in the Aspens.

Recently, Carey celebrated her iconic hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” reaching the top 10 on the all-genre Hot 100 chart for the first time ever!

Pete doesn't forget birthdays or anniversaries, nor does Pete have slips of the tongue. But then he meets Mikey's brother, and after awhile, Frank begins to question whether or not love does actually exist. Soulmates never die.(old fanfic from 2015) Bert only liked Gerard because he did drugs with him, he was easy to manipulate.

No, Pete Wentz has all of his metaphorical shit figured out. That was the reason Gerard's addictions got so bad. He was angry when Gerard wanted to quit, but he wouldn't let him.

The band welcomed him immediately, and renamed themselves "Used".

They were eventually discovered by John Feldmann and signed to Reprise Records; they became "The Used" when it was discovered that a Boston band had already trademarked the name "Used".

"You're the most exotic flower, darling."Frank Iero is the most notorious Crimelord in all of the American east coast. He has more respect than the president himself, more money than he knows what to do with, and more power than he ever imagined himself having. But when a porcelain complexion beauty, with an innocent head and a naïve way of thinking stubbles upon him, that might just change Franks game forever. Es algo estúpido de señalar en este punto de su vida, como lo sería decir que le gusta el arte y leer comics en vez de aclarar que está estudiando para escribirlos él mismo.

-- Disclaimer This story does depict actions, opinions and thoughts of domestic and sexual abuse. Ahora Gerard está casi a medio camino de un postgrado, y sus orientaciones sexuales no han cambiado. Gerard tiene que esforzarse en recordárselo a sí mismo mientras Robbie Mc Cracken le pasea por los pasillos de la tienda, en esos shorts que deberían ser confiscados por ser tan cortos.

His days now consisted of sitting on hard plastic chairs, pretending to take pills, and watching Josh and Pierre try to predict the future via the medium of pasta- and that's the way he likes it.

He's perfectly happy to live out the rest of his days in Belleville Institute- as long as his little brother Mikey comes to visit once a week.

On June 25, 2002 they released their self-titled debut album.