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The keystone of the heldentenor's repertoire is arguably Wagner's Siegfried, an extremely demanding role requiring a wide vocal range and great power, plus tremendous stamina and acting ability.Often the heldentenor is a baritone who has transitioned to this fach or tenors who have been misidentified as baritones.Additionally, it lacks references and page numbers on references, and it is written like a biased editorial, which disrupts verifiability and neutral point of view.

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Spinto tenors have a darker timbre than a lyric tenor, without having a vocal color as dark as many (not all) dramatic tenors.The German equivalent of the Spinto fach is the and encompasses many of the Dramatic tenor roles as well as some Wagner roles such as Lohengrin and Stolzing.As its name implies, the heldentenor vocal fach features in the German romantic operatic repertoire.The heldentenor is the German equivalent of the tenore drammatico, however with a more baritonal quality: the typical Wagnerian protagonist.The typical leggero tenor possesses a range spanning from approximately C The lyric tenor is a warm graceful voice with a bright, full timbre that is strong but not heavy and can be heard over an orchestra.

Lyric tenors have a range from approximately the C one octave below middle C (C The spinto tenor has the brightness and height of a lyric tenor, but with a heavier vocal weight enabling the voice to be "pushed" to dramatic climaxes with less strain than the lighter-voice counterparts.

These parts are often played by younger tenors who have not yet reached their full vocal potential or older tenors who are beyond their prime singing years.

Only rarely will a singer specialize in these roles for an entire career.

Therefore, the heldentenor voice might or might not have facility up to high B or C.

The repertoire, however, rarely calls for such high notes.

The requirements of the tenor voice in choral music are also tied to the style of music most often performed by a given choir.