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Being from New York City myself, I know the dating game in the city can be sadistic. In a smaller country like Belgium and smaller city like Ghent, it’s logically milder the dating game.

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Like, Belgians say those words out loud to each other and about each other after just a few dates with someone. In New York it can take a structure of months of once-a-week dates before “the talk” ever happens.You know…the talk where the two dating people in question talk about monogamy and possibly the word rears its epic head.A 100% free Online Dating service for Belgium singles with loads of quality features to help you connect with friends in Belgium and worldwide. There are no fees or hidden charges whatsoever..catches, no fees, no gimmicks. Many online dating sites claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features such as emailing, chat, IM, etc. JOIN NOW and contact Belgium Singles » Belgium Singles: Antwerpen Singles Brabant Wallon Singles Brussels (Bruxelles) Singles Hainaut Singles Liege Singles Limburg Singles Luxembourg Singles Namur Singles Oost-Vlaanderen Singles West Vlaanderen Singles Blogs are journals about love, life, experiences, or lessons learned. Of course he had to do the same, knowing I was a New York brat who happened to also have won in America.” Davy had to be sure too that I wasn’t playing him, and that our chance meeting in the tropics could lead to marriage. Would he even see me ever again once we parted ways and went back to our lives after some time in the sun? It’s not that simple, but I can tell you that the dating game here in Belgium is much simpler. Oh, and a marriage certificate here is not required to live as a married couple under one roof.

His Belgian mentality ultimately took over, and nothing else mattered. If you “co-habitate” then you have the same rights and titles as a married couple.

Different cultures around the world place different appreciation on what qualities make someone desirable.

What might be considered romantic, polite or respectful back home, might not be well received when dating in Belgium.

It confused me at first because my natural state of cynicism.

I’d never seen people who just started dating attending weddings and family gatherings right away.

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