Been dating my girlfriend for 2 years

She lent forward and kissed the tip of my cock as the last weak spurt ended my ejaculation.I watched her swallow the amount of cum she had caught in her mouth like the girl on the dirty move.

been dating my girlfriend for 2 years-29

I glanced over to where Via sat and saw her finger herself to a beautiful orgasm, her young body convulsing and spasm ever so slightly as she held her climax to a minimum when she did it beside me.

I didn't hear her utter a single sound while her quivering orgasm slowly subsided, I held my cock still in my hand waiting for her to go back to my son's room to sleep.

As I sat there in the shadows only the glow from the TV's flexing, shifting light.

My cock stiff and throbbing in my sliding oily hand, my balls aching from the need of pent up relief.

And for me to finish off by my own, without Via's curious eyes ogling at my perverted performance.

It doesn't go as you think most of the time, neither did this.

Out of nowhere a form appeared in the doorway and I froze in my movement to look at the figure entering the room.

I didn't know how to respond when I saw whom it was, if it had been my son it would have been a disaster.

Licking and sucking I watched her take a huge load of cum in her wide open mouth and she looked like she enjoyed every creamy cum cascading blast of cum jet out from his dick for her to swallow.

This was the best part and I used to blow my own load at this special scene, but now I wasn't alone and my cum bursting balls ached severely.

I watched, almost in fear, Veronica sit right in front of me, on her knees facing my ejaculating cock as it geysered in her face, her pouty lips and inside her partly open mouth over and over again, blasting her with a numerous of warm gooey shots of old man sperm. I coated her flawlessness with my sticky seed, she looked so perfect so hot and sexy taking plenty loads of cum on her pretty face.