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" -Misaki Yata (K project)" Ain't it beautiful, the way I wrote that number?Two lonely girls plan to commit suicide and decide to chronicle their last 24 hours. Direction and cinematography are null affairs here, but that serves to create an uncomfortable, realistic atmosphere.Entirely handcrafted, this couture headpiece features an asymmetric design that can be worn on either side of the head.

It may be a bit too much for some viewers, as the protagonist's death is filmed in graphic detail.

It is nothing that hasn't already been done in countless other splatter films, but its juxtaposition with the previous downbeat sections renders this tale somewhat sensational.

) Background: Beyal and Chase❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Mentally dating Kanda from D-Gray Man╔══╗╚╗╔╝ ╔╝(¯'v'¯)╚══'.¸.

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It is not quite the extreme cinema it is hyped to be, or that anyone familiar with Psycho: Tumbling Doll of Flesh might expect. Seven years after I first saw the film, my mind is still trying to decide if it is filmic genius or exploitative trash.

Yet, I have responded to it rather more positively on a visceral and subconscious level or i wouldn't be writing this review.This is a hard film to get hold of, but, with prior warning, is worth checking out. Kengo Yatabe's mother dies and his father is in a coma. Those days are long gone and he now lofts around as a security guard and generally wastes ...Their last day takes them to the edge and back as they face past demons and the biggest decision of all... I'm yet to find a subtitled version of the film, I am also shut out of the dialogue. In fact, it looks like it's been shot on the type of standard tape-based video camera that was de rigueur in the last days of the 20th Century.See full summary » The year is 2021 and years of mismanagement have left Japan a broken society riddled with poverty and underemployment.