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(05/11/2012), sorry for the repeated comic strip this morning. I was on a plane from Oslo and didn't get the auto-notice of the failed update until I landed at my connection in Newark. As comic books are not my brand of geekery, I didn't have much to contribute. Normally, the site sends me a text message if there's a problem updating, but I'm between cell phones at the moment, waiting for a new one (which arrived today via Fed Ex when I wasn't home, drat! Why is it that even if I'm smart enough to establish a mitigation plan for disaster, the correct number of multiple things that then need to go wrong at the same time always do?

(05/30/2012) for much of the day yesterday, apparently.The server we were on suffered some sort of hard drive crash.Looks like I screwed something up on Monday and uploaded the comic to the "CGI" directory instead of the "comics" directory. Furthermore, we moved servers recently and it appears the scripts that send me a text message when the comic hasn't updated isn't working on this server.It appears that not only was the shell (csh) in which I wrote the script not installed, neither is a mail server. Otherwise, please notify me if the comic isn't updated within a few hours of midnight on an update day.*TIP: For easy navigation, click the "Show/Hide all" Button until all answers are shown.

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The good news, I suppose, is that you get two new strips today! Though, the blanket reflects not the joys of video game merriment, but rather the exasperation of life's unfortunate turns, brought upon ourselves by our inability to cope with its pace and simple stupidity. (1/15/2010) Okay, I have no delusions that Nukees is anything close to one of the most popular comics on the web.

Alexa ranks me at something like the 250,000th most popular site. (9/7/2009) So it took four days in a row of sleeping only three hours a night (actually during daylight), but I succeeded in inventing and installing one of the very first diagostics (indium activation to determiine D-D fusion neutron yield) on the very first fusion shot of the National Ignition Facility completely from scatch in just five days.

I keep hitting all three failure points simultaneously.

(08/13/2012) I somehow screwed up with the site update AGAIN?

Then when browsing Boing Boing I ran across a site called What the Internet Knows About You. Sure, it was wrong by a factor of about three, but for something that didn't exist five days ago, it's a success just to deploy it. (8/15/2009) to Rochester Airport and Frontier Internet Provider for providing a comfy place to sit and free internet access in the airport. (3/14/2009) I'm happy that the world is becoming geekier every year and I see this salutation more and more.