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However I am having difficulty figuring out how to install it.

I've tried using the Asus EZFlash feature built into my BIOS, but when trying to load up a variety of different ROMs that are for my motherboard/BIOS I get the error: I'm not totally sure what I should do to fix this, so I'm looking into other methods of upgrading my BIOS - however I can't really find any solutions that seem to work. ROM file on an NTFS partition, it won't be able to correctly read from it.

Plug the USB storage device into the motherboard’s USB BIOS Flashback port.

Now press and hold USB BIOS Flashback button/ROG Connect button/onboard BIOS FLBK/Reset button for three seconds until the LED begins to blink, then release.

If it isn’t, you’ll see the upper-right screenshot.

Click ‘No’ to cancel the update process then download the relevant driver from your motherboard’s Support page — you’ll find it within ‘Driver & Tools’ and then ‘Chipset’.

Double-click the ‘Update.exe’ file to launch the ‘BIOS updater for New 4th Gen Intel Core Processors’ tool.

* Note: To update your UEFI BIOS with the ‘BIOS updater for New 4th Gen Intel Core Processors’ tool you must boot your system with a current 4th generation Intel Core processor installed.

I extracted it to desktop and using Asus updater I selected Update BIOS from FILE but it doesnt go through.

I am confused considering that i entered in all the right information of my motherboard and OS to get the correct downloads.

So if anyone can help resolve this issue it will be highly appreciated!