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When Logan interrupts what looks to be a pleasant dinner between Gabi and Josh, Gabi takes it upon herself to give Logan what she wants: a big kiss.Ashley Tisdale knows it sounds silly, but her new album has a lot to do with the color of her hair.

I'd been a blonde for five years; Disney wanted us to be those characters.

But the new songs I was working on felt edgier, sort of back to how I was before 'High School Musical.' I wanted to show people a side of me they haven't seen before." Tisdale accomplishes that -- well, sort of -- on "Guilty Pleasure," due July 28 from Warner Bros.

I've heard about the 'Newlywed time,' but we're having a blast! Not just yet, Tisdale says, "I have a niece who's 5.

We actually have 3 nieces on his side, and my niece, so we have a lot of kids around us!

"For the last few years everyone has thought of me as Sharpay," the 23-year-old singer/actor says, referring to her blonde-and-bubbly character in Disney's smash "High School Musical" films.

"So after I'd finished all the promotion for 'High School Musical 3' I dyed my hair back to its original color.

Tisdale says, "The only difference I feel, is I changed my name personally, like things get changed like credit cards, but other than that it feels great.

There's nothing different, it's always been amazing, and it's always been very natural.

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Tisdale, who serves as an executive producer on the half-hour multicamera series, makes her appearance on the July 9 episode as feisty magazine editor Logan Rawlings. exclusively debuts two stills from the episode, "Young & Lesbian," Logan begins to take a liking to Gabi (Emily Osment), who works as the personal chef to wealthy tech businessman Josh (Jonathan Sadowski), and asks Elliot (Rex Lee) to set them up on a date, which he doesn't tell Gabi.

Tisdale is an especially avid Twitterer, with more than 750,000 followers.