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on Issues of unemployment - It is a complex challenge not a problem per se. Infrastructure is not there so how can farmers store produce, extension workers culture long gone.

Take Nigeria as a case study where 100 billion naira was released for agricultural development with the main purpose of attracting young Nigerian's to farming. Then - where is the technical capacity of young people?

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What are they taught in schools - it is reliant in the real world outside the world of the school system. Computers studies that are outdated...a recent meeting with the world bank we are told that what the youth's are taught are what countries had left since 1964 - imagine that! I know it's the same thing in most countries in Africa.The question is are our leader's sincere in their quest to alleviate poverty? I think they should work the talk and forget rhetoric. Power - we spent billions of dollars on power yet a country five times the population of South Africa struggles to get to 3,000 megawatts.I hope that Ethiopia will ratify this charter in the near future.A very limited initiative is taken by the government to develop supportive policies and programmes for young people, and hardly serves to fast-track the implementation of such policies and programmes.After the ratification of the charter, approximately 40 young from different organizations took part in the presentation ceremony of the charter.

This activity was supported by the Ivorian youth ministry.

There is currently in operation national youth policy being implemented with full participation of youth and led organizations of which i am a member.

This being persued through the national youth council in ghanathe document has been signed but not ratified as yet.

Though not very effective, access to SRHR education is promoted and campaigns against HIV/AIDS can be clearly seen The ratification of the Africa Youth charter has boost the youth consciousness on politics, economic, social and cultural domains.

Youth are able to exercise their civic responsibility and take effective part in development programmes like, Rural and Urban Support Programme, to promote social and economic insertion of young non-scholars, PIFMAS is a project of social and economic integration of youth and PAIIJA is a programme of reduction of unemployment amongst youth.

I was able to talk Dr Raymond Agosu personaly about this matter and she told me that she is exerting the maximum effort to push counries to sign the AYC.