Anna popplewell and william mosley dating

It's after the filming of their TRL appearance that Ben puts a stop to it.

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" Ben whispers against his neck as they settle down on the bed, Will underneath him."You have no idea," Will chuckles, shaking his head.

And he does, at length, and Will's a little taken aback.

The girls were pushed up to him by giggling groups of friends to ask him out, and he just blushed and said 'okay' because he didn't know what else to do.

Like when she holds his hand at the British Independent Film Awards.

Maybe one day he'll marry her and they'll have children.

"I know."She leans against the doorframe in the following silence, and Will inspects the ground."It's a shame we had to go through all of that to figure that out," she says after a moment, and they laugh, but things still don't feel quite right."Still friends, though?He's been quiet and moody with him for a few weeks now, so Will can't say he's surprised, but he's still pretty sure it breaks his heart."You're making it too obvious," Ben hisses, running a hand back through his hair."I wasn't trying to out you --""I know," Ben interrupts, and his voice is softer, more sympathetic.It's clear that there's a reason she's waited until her little brother and sister have left the room to move onto this topic of conversation.It wasn't really like this, like Anna, one of his favourite people in the world, sitting here and implying that she wants him to be her boyfriend.She brings her hands up to her face as though praying, palms touching, the sides of her fingertips resting against her mouth.