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Whether I’ve been in a conference room overlooking the mountains or on a September road trip Canada is so calming and majestic with its array of natural wonders.When embarking on a road trip my Canadian friends proudly provided a long list of super spots to visit, to name a few Banff Lake, Silver Springs Mountain, Columbia Ice Fields, Athabasca Falls, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Jasper and the list goes on…..

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Thank you, Coril for hosting this entertaining and educational avenue to share our stories across our companies. Jane S – Loram Maintenance of Way The Coril Group has always believed in supporting the communities in which we work, live and play.

During this holiday season, the Coril Team joined together by donating time and money in support of the Louise Dean School, a specialized Grade 9 – 12 education program for pregnant and parenting teens.

We would have rolled maple syrup that was poured hot over the snow, each of us wearing our red toque and sash to represent Bonhomme as he did for heroes past.

In any province you can find Canadians downhill or cross country skiing, tubing or sledding.

It is a great honor to have an association with these wonderful people and their Country of Canada.

Jill L – Loram Maintenance of Way I am originally from Australia.

However, for the past 11 years, I have called Canada home, and while I miss the warm weather, I have always felt very welcome here and have had a sense of pride that this is my chosen home.

It is celebrations like Canada 150, the Olympics or even the Hockey, that Canadians really let themselves show their pride for this beautiful country.

Due to the immense generosity of the Coril Team, in addition to supporting the family of five, we were able to also purchase strollers and car seats for other families at the school.

On December 9, two volunteers delivered the items to the school and will have the pleasure of getting a tour of the amazing facility.

It is the same celebrations that give me joy to live here and proudly say that I am now a part of Canada’s history.