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The default installation path is the following: TROUBLESHOOTING: In May 2017 Yahoo Finance started making changes to their web services.

During this time certain services may be interrupted or broken.

Therefore, if you are using Pay Pal you need to follow these instructions: Ami Broker’s technical support staff everyday faces with very wide scope of subjects ranging from simple installation, lost registration details, password reminders questions to complex things like C programming or esoteric issues that occur say once a month or only when program is loaded with dozens of gigabytes of data.

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We needed to migrate not only the program itself but many internal libraries taking care not to break backward compatibility.Note that migration does NOT affect 32-bit version. Why do we migrate to new compiler with 64-bit version?You may have noticed over last few days that on some symbols (stocks and ETF that pay dividends) close price is below open, high, low prices.This is new Yahoo error due to the fact that they added “dividend adjustments” incorrectly In the period May 17 – June 10, Yahoo was NOT adjusting for dividends so OHLC prices were adjusted for splits only.A new beta version (6.27.1) of Ami Broker, with lots of new AFL functionality has been released.

32-bit version: 271 480 bytes) 64-bit version: Broker6271x64(10 623 744 bytes) UPGRADE POLICY This version is a free upgrade only for users who registered Ami Broker after October 31, 2015.

If you are in different time zone, we may be currently sleeping so you may need to wait for next day.

This response time applies to questions that are covered already in our Official Knowledge Base, Users’ Knowledge Base, Users’ Manual or internal documentation/resources.

If you are buying using credit card, entering 0000 or NA in place of ZIP code field is accepted.

But if you are buying using Pay Pal, it may reject it if your Pay Pal account does not have matching ZIP code.

for both splits AND dividends) UPDATE: Ami Quote 3.21 public version is available now.