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They do everything from arts and crafts to sports to computers.And, this program is designed to help with future plans, too.The state prevalence of uninsured adults with mental illness ranges from 3.3% in Massachusetts to 23.8% in South Carolina.

Unfortunately, having insurance coverage does not mean access needed treatment.

56.5% of adults with mental illness received no past year treatment, and for those seeking treatment, 20.1% continue to report unmet treatment needs.

We actually have ten different projects we are working on with the Volunteers of America to help those who need it the most!

And, we are going to be working with the Volunteers of America throughout the holidays.

Additionally, establishing contact with a healthcare provider at onset is critical.

The integration of behavioral health and general healthcare would ensure that individuals’ mental health conditions, and their physical manifestations are more quickly identified and treated.

Volunteers of America Southeast CEO Wallace Davis explains the center is designed "to enrich their lives.

And this is about therapeutic activities, emotional support, life skills. We get people jobs."You can play a big role in the success of the 90 adults who spend their days here!

Across the country, several systemic barriers to accessing care exclude and marginalize individuals with a great need.

These include the following: 21.62% of adults with a disability were not able to see a doctor due to costs.

We'll continue to show you what a difference one person, one group one good deed can make.