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Spaces for individual photos exist, as well as a photo for the entire household.Any organization you are assigned to, or have a calling in, will also list your individual information.Copyright and trademark laws affect what photos you can put on the directory, or anywhere on the tools.

Updating your own information is easy and recommended.

You control what information it contains and who has access to it.

Search for people via groupings like branch, ward, stake or organization.

Or, use the general search box labeled “Filter Results” and search stake wide or just a unit.

For example, if you are Ward Mission Leader, your information will appear next to that calling under the “Missionary” tab and you will appear in the “Adults” list as well.

A 12 year old girl is listed in her household and also as a “Beehive.”Groupings are convenient, because you can select a grouping to email.

If you serve as a Home Teacher or Visiting Teacher then you can give leaders updated information that they can then input.

There are three privacy settings: Selecting “Stake” is the most visible and “Private” is the least.

Some mysterious force emanating from Church headquarters in Salt Lake City often updates the directory, especially when people move in or out of the area.

The directory is a comprehensive list of all members’ contact information in your local unit, as well as leadership and other positions.

For example, you can choose to email the Bishopric, Young Women or the Primary Leaders etc. You should see an email icon with “Email the [name of organization].” Click on it and it automatically adds all the emails you need to an email form.