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I brought the matter up and was told that my article is the company’s intellectual property. I believe that argument would require no name rather than someone other than the author. So I doubt the person is deliberately trying to claim authorship; you just have a system that’s making it appear that way.

You wouldn’t have to, but you’d potentially be feeding into a kind of cliquey dynamic that you’re better off avoiding in a small department.Or maybe you wouldn’t be — coworkers who you’re not close to probably aren’t going to be terribly sad at not being invited to a child’s birthday party.It’s perfectly fine for her to pay in cash, it’s not unprofessional or a misstep, and it’s super weird that you’re telling her that it is.Let her pay in cash if she wants to, and leave her alone. My supervisor gets a “bucket” of funds available to distribute to his team as he sees fit.There were four other people from different companies at this lunch.

My employee said she doesn’t have a debit or credit card and uses cash exclusively.

One of my employees embarrassed me at a business lunch.

When it came time to pay, everyone took out either their own credit or debit cards or their company one.

I’ve been out of school for about two years now and have yet to land a role in my desired field.

I moved to a new state and job market and have spent the last five months networking, taking workshops and classes, and beefing up my portfolio (while working two jobs — phew! A job was posted in one of my networks and I ended up getting coffee with the poster.

For the past two years, I have been rated as “Exceeds Expectations” on my annual reviews. Since he would run a mile rather than have a confrontation with anyone, he gives everyone the exact same raise — even those who are rated “Below Expectations.”Am I crazy for thinking my raise should be higher than people who aren’t performing up to expectations?