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For many young adults, it’s the best thing to happen since getting your driver’s license and turning 18. A lot of responsibility comes with having a credit card.Here’s the short version of what happens when you get your first credit card: the credit card comes in the mail, you activate it, make a purchase, get your credit card statement, and pay the bill.You have to pay at least the minimum payment by the due date or you’ll be charged a late fee.

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So, it’s best to charge only a small amount – like 10 to 30% – of your credit limit.When you make a purchase, the credit card terminal will check with your credit card issuer to make sure your credit card is valid and that you’ll have enough available credit for the purchase.In the date verification scam, your “date” directed you to a website that asked you to use a “free” verification service.In fact, there is a deliberately hidden charge or charges that you incur without your knowledge.Knowing the details that happen in each step will help you avoid a lot of credit card fees, credit card debt, and credit damage that many young adults experience with their first credit card.

Soon after you’re approved for your first credit card, your credit card issuer sends a credit card with your name on it to the address on your credit card application.

While it seems like a long, unnecessary document, reading your credit card agreement will give you details about your credit card.

Your credit card account has been assigned a credit limit – the maximum amount you’re allowed to charge on your credit card. Unless you opt-in to having over-the-limit charges processed, your credit card will be declined for any purchase that would put you over your credit limit.

You could have been on Craigslist, or Tinder, Baddoo, or Ki K, or wherever.

The truth is that even the most reputable online dating sites have scammers lurking in them.

That way you avoid paying interest on the account and you keep yourself from accumulating credit card debt.