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This tale of my life I’m calling Lonely Mothers Milk.

Being 14, the more time I spent away from home the better and my parents were always trying to be the fun parents.

That was while my Father wasn’t on tour overseas of course.

She weighs 165 pounds, sports an F cup and has the body that will make any girl jealous.

She was an English school teacher before she met my Dad and loved exploring.

She got up, sat up halfway asleep moaning, got out of bed and walked over the bathroom to pee.

After she peed she would walk back to her bed, plug in her pump and lay down while the pump did its work. She plugged in the pump, I heard the springs compress as she sat back down on her bed and that’s when I heard her start to cry. I tore my sheets off and walked over to her room in my pajamas. My mother, myself, and a story that started our mother/daughter sexual encounters. This is including: True Story, Female / Girl, First Time, Incest, Lactation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Written by women, Young genres.My name is Jasmine (name changed), I’m currently 18 years old but my stories goes back 4 years.This story is 100% what really happened and I will only be presenting this in 4 parts with each part being longer and more detailed, this is part 1 and 2 combined.My Father explained to me that because of spending and mishandling of money at the base all overstaffed reserves were either being moved elsewhere or were going back overseas.