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I remember being proud — although kids at school used to take the mickey out of me.'You'd never know it from his 'mockney' accent on the show, but young Jeremy was sent to Blue Coats school in Reading, where fees stand at £5,220 a term, although he says the family was 'quite ordinary' and had to live frugally at times to get by. They sacrificed so much for my education and together they showed me each and every day what it takes to be a proper, respectful and decent human being.'His parents have been married for more than 50 years.

Jeremy, by contrast, has been divorced twice and says that some of his relatives have been scandalised by his marital failures.

His mother worked as a clerk at the royal bank Coutts, while his father, Patrick, was the accountant and personal secretary to the Queen Mother before he retired.

These studies strongly suggest that the media fixation on covert drink spiking with a pill or powder is misplaced, and that such acts are vanishingly rare. I don’t care how close you live to the library, how close the dining hall is, that you really want to go to see your friends at another location, that you need cash from the ATM, or your friends are already out and you want to meet them.

If you can’t find someone to go with you, you don’t go.

But the idea that men commonly spike unattended drinks with date rape drugs is not.

Here’s what The Guardian said, in a long article titled “Alcohol is By Far the Most Dangerous ‘Date Rape’ Drug“: Studies suggest public fears about drink spiking are unjustified…

However, following news that he has embarked on a relationship with his children's nanny after the failure of his second marriage, it seems that Jezza might just be a candidate for help himself.

Indeed, despite his comfortable middle-class upbringing, he has packed in enough incidents in his 51 years to sustain several lively discussions.He's the scourge of the unfortunate, the feckless and the hopeless — on hand with paternity tests, offers of rehab and post-show counselling to those who choose to share their tawdry troubles on television.The Jeremy Kyle Show, which has been running since 2005, throws a lurid spotlight onto the failings of its guests — who are all treated to a lecture from its rather sanctimonious host about where they've been going wrong in life.In an interview in 2007, first wife Kirsty claimed he was a pathological liar.She said: 'He told me he had gone through a painful bust-up with his fiancee after he caught her in bed with his best friend. 'After we split up, I found out this was a lie and that he'd been saying much the same thing about me to his next girlfriend.'And worse was to come.Boy, if I had only three rules to give my kid, I wouldn’t waste one on this.