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So you need to balance videogame play time with experiences that use these parts of the brain.

Or you can develop a "game brain." Okay, so that was the good news. Playing violent video games is different from playing positive, constructive games.

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Certainly it is good for children to play--in fact, kids are not getting enough free play today, leading to high rates of ADHD and diminished social capacities.Kids learn many things through play, especially friendly rough-and-tumble play which helps the brain develop in multiple ways including building social competence.No, you won’t go to college and magically transform into another person who does not care about their hometown relationships, but your world is about to expand and you might like it. Staying together is going to take a lot of effort if you want it to work out, but sometimes, you might want to let go. In that sense, it’s just like high school, except that you all now live together, which makes running in to this person wearing your pajamas in the dining hall isn’t going to feel so rad. 11) Trying to sleep next to someone in an extra long twin bed is rough and almost not worth it. Or anything larger than a My Size Barbie, so mostly everyone. 20) If you don’t meet the love of your life – or anyone, for that matter – that’s completely fine.6) Try as hard as you can not to date someone in your building or within your major. You can date someone and never be their girlfriend and that’s fine. 12) Not everyone has the same background as you do. I’m almost 27 and I’ve never been in a relationship and that’s okay. In fact, James Paul Gee suggests that you even learn "the scientific method" through the necessary trial and error of figuring out how to meet goals in the game.

According to these criteria, playing constructive and prosocial games like Sims can be "good for you" with at least one caveat---as long as you have a balanced life with real-life face-to-face friendships and enjoyment in socializing. Because playing videogames typically keeps active primitive parts of the brain that are not social nor cognitively sophisticated.

This clearly means constant hook ups, partying nonstop, and no drama, right? Everyone experiences college differently and there is no right answer about how to date and what rules to follow there…

but people tend to get an idea of what to do thanks to movies and TV shows.

Violent games teach children how to behave like a criminal and to intentionally hurt others (e.g., burning people alive in Postal2).

Is this what you want your children to be practicing for hours on end?

They don’t have the same values, history, or priorities as you, so you need to listen even more to what they’re all about. High school girls are always like, “OMG I need to meet a guy who’s in college” but I’m not sure why, because a lot of guys in college are really immature. No grown ups means unlimited video games and unlimited f-ckboy behavior.