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The narcissist doesn't believe in equality, or at least not when it affects him.

Equality would seem demeaning to the narcissist if it applied to him, because it places him down on the same level as everyone else.

The narcissist will never admit or accept their own failures, which means a narcissist finds it hard to let go of the past.

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Anyone who is involved in the life of the narcissist will often be manipulated through guilt to act a certain way that the narcissist wishes.Once the narcissist can feel the power slippping and the person finding their voice, they will initially triangulate by involving other people.This is particularly true if you do not know the person very well or don't spend enough time looking for the traits to be revealed.Non-professional diagnoses should be avoided, since there is a risk that they will be skewed by closeness to the subject.The smile that he displays in public is his only smile because he'll seldom smile to his nearest and dearest at home, unless he's in an unusually good mood.

Don't presume that his public face is his only face.

Narcissistic traits are the source of self-love/value and self-empowerment.

Everyone has the traits found in narcissism at some level.

He is exciting to be with, especially early on in the relationship.

If he can't get attention or adulation or admiration from those around him he may try to get some subservience from someone, asking people to do things for him, or he may withdraw from the situation on some pretext or other.

It is only when the trait becomes pathological that it can become detrimental to those around the sufferer of the disorder.